Nurse Neaty and Company, founded by a family nurse practitioner who had the desire to create a brand that women could identify with!

A brand that creates an element of unity through fashion!
Together we are skilled, savvy, and strong!
We set the stage, produce change, and are unstoppable!

Have you ever come across a woman who was well organized, punctual, intelligent, and just put together so nicely?

The woman who could respond so eloquently without hesitation. Well our founder was not one of those ladies although she fought hard to be one! Her orange personality just wouldn't let her be that woman BUT it did highlight what she loved most... creating a dream and pushing through with it!
Yea, she even coined the name Nurse Neaty because it was who she aspired to be... a neat nurse. 

Here at Nurse Neaty & Company we want to empower all women to feel great about the service they provide and look great while doing it!

 I hope you find this brand to be the very thing you were looking for. I hope to retain you as a lifelong customer with quality items, timely shipping, and a memorable shopping experience.
We appreciate all feedback and would love to know what you think about our brand.